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Frequently asked questions

Q. What is Beachleigh?

A: Beachleigh is a new luxury retirement community situated at 33 Jacksons Road, Mount Eliza. Once completed, the community will consist of approximately 104 homes (Independent Living Units) with a commitment to high-quality design and luxury living that creates opportunities for people to connect, live a healthy active life and enjoy their retirement. Beachleigh will be at the forefront of retirement living providing world class resort-style facilities and services for the discerning retiree.

Q. What is the development vision?

A: We are committed to becoming an important pillar of the Mount Eliza community. We value the beauty of the local area and will be working hard to ensure the Beachleigh retirement community enhances its appeal.

Q. Who is Hengyi?

A: Hengyi is a Melbourne-based, award-winning property development company and is the landowner and developer of Beachleigh. Since its establishment in 2010, Hengyi has forged a reputation for delivering high-end residential and mixed-use real estate projects. Hengyi values focus, integrity and social responsibility; a vision that is carried through all its projects. Hengyi is redefining retirement living and working with local planners, architects and business to enhance the area’s unique local character and create a luxury seaside residence on Mount Eliza’s ‘golden mile’.

Q. What buildings are proposed to be built on the current property?

A: The new luxury retirement residences will feature architecturally designed accommodation set among landscaped gardens. The community will include entertainment and recreational spaces, including a wellness centre with a pool and spa, seniors’ gymnasium, cinema and library.

Q. What are the heights of the buildings?

A: Beachleigh will be compliant with all local and state planning controls, including the eight-meter maximum height restriction.

Q. What is the history of the site?

A: Originally built in 1878 as a seaside holiday home by eminent Melbourne architect Thomas Watts, the house and broader site became a hospital in the late 1920s. In the mid-1970s it once again underwent a transformation into an aged care facility. In this redefining of Beachleigh, the site’s historic value is preserved, as heritage structures are given new life. This important heritage will be protected and enhanced.

Q. What historical buildings are being retained on site?

A: The three retained heritage buildings include: the Chapel, which will be used as multipurpose space; the former administrative block; and the old pool house, which will be re-purposed as the wellness centre, new pool and lounge areas. The restoration of these buildings will continue the connection to the area’s history while delivering continued relevance to its residents and broader community.

Q. How will it benefit the wider community?

A: With Victoria’s aging population, the demand for retirement living communities continues to grow. Beachleigh will provide much needed retirement living options for the local and wider community and is designed to provide a country club resort style community that upholds the existing established lifestyle of the area.

Q. What facilities will Beachleigh provide to the residents?

A: Beachleigh will feature a range of recreational and entertainment spaces for its residents, including a wellness centre, gymnasium, cinema, library, bar and lounge. It will see a new extension to the existing pool house, paving the way for an infinity pool and spa. An on-site concierge will complete the resort style facilities by providing services for Beachleigh residents.

Q. Who do I contact if I have a question about Beachleigh?

A: Any questions that relate to the proposed development can be submitted on this website.